Papillon reserves the right to post only what we believe to be true on our website & social media pages just as others do! If your offended by what we post, go to another site and keep on going! We work for the industry artists not for anyone else for more than 30 years!

We have been quiet and I know it's hard to believe but we are not allowing anyone to tell you the lies you have been told / hearing & reading in magazines and social media. 

Claims they had invented it or were a part of inventing it in the early 90s & that theirs is spelled with the big B? Then why would they agree to distribute it for Papillon in 2004 with the big B? Filed the Trademark for the owner 03/27/03 but instead used his own name (Secretly) because he wanted to steal it then! But why would you file for a trademark while working for a company that has been producing and manufacturing it since 1995, then sign a distributor Contract to sell it for Papillon? Hmmm? Had Michael Nicholson not died, this theft would of never happened! It appears they signed a contract to distribute (Not Own) the only real Starbrite / StarBrite and were never ever given permission to call it theirs! Filed the trademark while employees of this company without owners name and once they did? Disgraced the industry by telling you all nothing but lies & more lies! We have the proof and they are not in any position to help themselves any longer.

To this day we have not seen anything that tells anyone different but this person keeps adding to his story of lies posting in magazines and social media worldwide! Insulting our pride and hard work to keep it true to you the artist and true judges!

Papillon has been good to the individuals involved and the disrespect thrown on us, should be criminal on a federal level for falsifying a Government Application! But knowing what is going on is your right as you are the industry artists that thrive because of all the loyal legends worldwide!

Michael Nicholson (AKA Papillon) himself only, made this brand name suggested by Cindy Cote (Office Manager) and dedicated his life to this industry and that alone made him a TRUE LEGEND of tattooing and innovator of his trade! Also the maker of Coastal, Coastal Waters, Northeast & Everlast / Peerless grips, tips & tubes to name a few! 

All of us here still work for the artist that died and his widow wife Meredith and continue to manufacture all of these with his Original Recipe as he would of liked! He can't fight this or keep his babies safe from the grave but it is our job to keep his legend name clean as you would hope for as an artist after your death! RESPECT!

You be the Judge!

Feb 15th 2014 Papillon

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