5 Quart Sharp-Safety Safety Container | Counterbalance or Horizontal Lid



The 5 Quart SharpSafety in-Room Container with Counterbalance Lid is a great-working, tightly secured storage container that's able to limit access and prevent overflow thanks to its many new features. A forced horizontal drop and a counter balance lid assures you get the maximum amount of available space while also being able to dispose of items with only one hand. An anti-kickback and shutoff indicator with a "full" sign offer more safety for the user and anyone in or around the container. The kickback doesn't allow objects to escape from the container. A "shut-off" sign and valve does two things for the user: lets them know when the container is full and prevents any overfilling of the container. Locking tabs prevents anyone else from attempting to enter the container unsafely. Molded Handles give you the ability to lift and place anywhere in the room as well as transport to a disposal area. The SharpSafety container can be placed anywhere and be considered out-of-the-way, thanks to its relatively small size.

The SharpSafety is made of 100 percent polypropylene. Once incinerated it burns only carbon dioxide and water vapor. It's also auto-clavable. The translucent version allows you to see the inside of the container, letting you know how full the container is at all times. The red container is still translucent; however, blocks out some of the view.

5 Quart SharpSafety in-Room Features and Benefits

  • Horizontal Drop to Maximize Capacity
  • Counterbalancing Lid for One-Handed Disposal
  • Anti-Kickback to Prevent Overflow Exiting
  • Shutoff Valve Prevents Overfilling
  • Clearly Marked "Full" Sign for Easy Indication
  • Locking Tabs Prevents Unsafe Entry
  • Molded Handles for Easy Transporting
  • "Nestable" Saves Space in the Office or Other Storage Area