Artist Booth Space Papillon Tattoo Convention 2020



Please be aware that all artists who are offering piercings are required to fill out an application for a permit from the West Springfield Health Department which is available here. 

The fee for the permit is $100 which has been compensated off the normal pricing structure as indicated.

The City of West Springfield needs to have all applications in by March 29th.  No Exceptions.

Book your limited space now, for a spacious 8x10 Foot Vendor Area in the Young Building

Booths are limited so be sure to reserve your space.  
Due to demand of space by artists, there are no refunds on allocated space.
Please provide your order information during checkout, we will email you a time schedule that will allow for artist check-in and setup 2 weeks prior to the event.

Please Remember: This convention is family friendly and we will not tolerate anything signifying affiliation with a MC at this convention. Please be aware of this rule ahead of time when purchasing a artist booth, thank you.

Thank you for participating!

Please call with any questions. 


Extra Information