Vitali Tree Cleanse 1.75oz



Our gentle foaming Tattoo & Piercing Cleanse  utilizes several unique plant derived ingredients to provide gentle cleansing, and light exfoliation.  The main ingredient offering benefits to the skin is our proprietary extract of Tepezcohuite (Mimosa tenuiflora). This magical medicine tree has been used throughout Central and South America to heal and treat skin conditions of virtually and every kind. It’s historical use by the indigenous Mayan people dates back over a thousand years, and is still used to this day by South and Meso-American naturopaths, doctors, herbalists, curanderos, and other healers where this wondrous plant can be found. This cleanse can help moisturize the skin and prevent or reduce redness and discomfort while tattooing, especially when wiping off excess ink.  It’s also excellent wash for tattoo aftercare used in conjunction with our Tattoo Salve.*   This ultra gentle foaming cleanse has been specifically formulated utilizing plant derived cleansing agents to maintain a low ph, so as to not disturb the skin barrier known as the”acid mantle”.  This barrier is the skin’s natural way of keeping bacteria and other harmful organisms from entering the body.*   Combined with an infusion of extracts of Wildcrafted Tepezcohuite, Organic Calendula, and Organic Chamomile, this system provides a superior method of cleansing and cell rejuvenation without over drying the skin.*   Aside from tattoo care, this Tepezcohuite-infused cleanse can revitalize dry and cracked skin, and could be used to assist in alleviating discomfort from symptoms of various skin conditions, as there are countless reports of this amazing plant being used for virtually every topical condition such as:*   • Acne • Athlete’s foot • Bed sores • Burns • Cold sores • Cracked skin • Cradle cap • Cuts • Diaper rash • Dry skin • Eczema • Poison ivy & poison oak • Psoriasis • Rashes • Rosacea • Scars • Scrapes • Shingles • Sunburn • Surgical incisions • and more…   *These statements are for informational purposes ONLY!  None of our products or statements have been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.  Consult your health care professional before using any new products.  Aside from our money back guarantee, we make no claims regarding our products and are not responsible for the way in which they are used by anyone purchasing from this site.  By buying from us, you assume all responsibility for your own decisions, and are affirming that you are a sentient being who is capable of thinking for themselves and taking ownership of the outcome of your own actions.  We are not liable for however anyone may choose to interpret any information provided.