Starburst Colors (Scarlet Red)



Papillon True Starbrite Colors!

We are the real Starbrite Colors and have been making and distributing it since 1995. So if you do some homework, you will know that others have not been honest and our inks are not the same as the knockoffs! Michael Nicholson is the only person that invented the ink known to last a lifetime with it’s forever bold colors & changed the way artists world wide could show off their work and be proud of the pigment that didn’t quit after a lifetime. After a name contest here at the shop in 1995, Cindy Cote (Office Manager) came up with the name Starbrite and Mike (PAPILLON) changed it to wholesale the ink line world wide from Papillon Ink to Starbrite Colors! After his death in 1998, his wife Meredith continued his legendary ink manufacturing and Coil machines.

So if your Starbrite is not made by Papillon Ink, It’s not the original recipe ink that is bold and truly vibrant that is made by Mikes standards today! 

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Scarlet Red