Renfield Rotary Collection



Rotary machine using cartridge type needles.

With a 4.5W Maxon motor.

It was innovatively designed to be used with disposable grips and metal grips too, without loosing the ability of adjusting the needle protrusion. The needle protrusion is adjusted by turning the screw incorporated in the body of the machine.

The body of the machine is CNC milled from high grade aluminum and anodized in silver color.

It is delivered with a standard cam of 3.5mm.

The machines weighs 85g (without the grip).

The machine is very well balanced, so it is very comfortable even after long hours of work.

Comes with a 25mm grip.

The grip consists of 2 parts, the grip core of stainless steel (weight 45g) and the grip coat of aluminum (weight 35g). The grip coat can be changed with a differently designed and various thickness grip coats (soon you will find a bigger range of grip coats on our web-page).

The handmade leather box contains the machine, a grip and a set of 3 keys.

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