DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor



Electrum™ DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor 


Electrum™ DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor is a soft, pliable, transparent bandage intended to protect your new tattoo. The breathable, waterproof bandage, when used properly, helps to prevent scabbing, fading, itching, and loss of color, and improves healing time dramatically.

Our hypoallergenic film is flexible and made to keep dirt and germs away from your expensive new body art. The product is non-irritating and eliminates the need for excessive washing and ointments. 

It comes in 6-in x 11-yd rolls8-in x 11-yd rolls, and 10-in x 11-yd rolls making it ideal for shop use or travel. Cut to your desired size and follow the simple application instructions. This roll will provide up to 100 applications, depending on the size of the tattoos being covered.

*NEW* 100 SHEET ARTIST PACKS!!! Super easy pre-cut 4" x 6" sheets make it super easy and fast to apply Dermor onto large scale pieces! We did the work for ya!

Allergy Warning: This product contains polyurethane-acrylic adhesive.

Do You Need to Wrap Your Tattoo?

Even if you already have ink, you may not know how to answer this question. That's because virtually every tattoo artist will give you different aftercare information, including whether they believe you need to wrap your tattoo in the days following your appointment and even how long you should continue wrapping it.

In general, it's a good practice to keep your tattoo covered from the moment you leave your appointment for at least a couple hours. Many artists will suggest leaving the covering on overnight to keep it from getting irritated by any movements you make during the night or from rubbing against clothing and other materials.

Plastic Film vs. Tattoo Aftercare Wraps

Most artists will wrap your tattoo in plastic wrap before you leave their shop. While plastic wrap is waterproof and protects your tattoo for a time, it is not the most breathable material and, therefore, not ideal for long-term healing. A newer invention in the tattoo industry that may change your wrapping time drastically is tattoo-specific wrapping that adheres tightly to the skin and prevents movement in the days following your tattoo appointment.

Electrum™ DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor provides you with all the following benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic - Latex Free 
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • 6-in x 11-yd , 8-in x 11-yd10-in x 11-yd Rolls, and NEW 100 pc 4" x 6" Sheet Artists Packs!

Most of these advantages are lost when using plastic wrap or even other low-end tattoo wraps. To ensure you or your client get the best tattoo aftercare possible, go with one of the most trusted names in tattoo supplies and invest in Electrum's tattoo aftercare bandages.