Medical Scribe Pen



TONDAUS™ surgical skin markers are designed to allow the artist to conveniently mark clean skin, prior to or during the tattoo, with scrub-resistant, non-toxic, highly visible, gentian violet-colored solution. TONDAUS™ Surgical Skin Markers produce ultrafine, fine, medium and broad lines, with high visibility on skin surfaces during surgical procedures. The accompanying ruler in each pack, permits accurate measurement (marked metrically and in inches), and provides a straight line while having the flexibility to conform to all body contours.

Used for tattoo drawing Non-toxic violet color Single-use Medical Purpose Plastic Surgery For skin marker Clean Skin, Sterilize with Alcohol or Liquid Soap wait till it is dried. Make marking with Skin Marker(the ink a kind of sterilize agent),further sterilization is not required. Do not use if package is opened, wet or damaged.