ECO STENCIL Stencil Printer Ink - 4oz.


NOTE — This product is for ONE 4 ounce bottle of Electrum ECO STENCIL ink. You will need TWO bottles to completely fill all four reservoirs on an Eco Tank printer. However, with only one bottle, you can print upward of 3,000 stencils, depending on stencil sizes and complexities.


Although you can use regular printer paper for your stencil, we recommend using PACON TRACING PAPER to print your stencils. This semi-transparent parchment prints beautifully and transfers ink to the skin in seconds, whereas printer paper might absorb more of the ink, giving you a duller, less-detailed transfer.

How Does It Work?

Using our ECO STENCIL Printer Ink is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Buy the ink 
  2. Buy a NEW Eco Tank Printer. We now only recommend the EPSON ET-M1170 or EPSON ET-2650 printers. 
  3. Fill the tanks and start printing highly detailed stencils!


Maintenance and Care

It is important to note that printers that sit idle for extended periods of time will have more potential issues with clogged ink heads. This is due to the ink drying in and around the nozzles, which results in compromised print quality. It is crucial to keep the heads of the printer cleaned.

We have added an inkjet cleaning kit to our line. To use, inject the cleaner into the clogged nozzles and let it sit for at least 20 minutes or longer until the cleaner removes the clog and your printer runs clean.