7pc Muted Set



Explore the tones of earth and expand your talents with the in-betweens and beyond!

The Original Papillon Starburst Colors:   

100% Papillon Made with the saturation most artists are looking for! Designed by: Juan Melendez AKA / Checho 30+ Years (Master Artist)
Muted: Green, Red, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Cream & Brown

For well over 30+ Years. Our colors have always been known to be vibrant forever after the tattoo has been healed. Papillon OG Starburst Colors are Sterilized & Produced in a clean room. Created by a legend Artist with 3 Art Major Master degrees and the love for this industry, Michael Nicholson AKA-(PAPILLON) Starting in the 1980s and never stopped till he got it right! 

All Inks should be kept in a cool & dry area (Out of Heat & Sunlight!) We are not responsible for any ink once it is shipped out of our manufacturing location.  

Papillon Starburst Colors TM. Assumes no legal liability or responsibility for any type of illness or allergic skin reactions as a result of being tattooed with it.


Papillon recommends that you always perform a test spot with the colors being used 24 hours before tattooing to check for any reactions as safety is also the responsibility of the artist!