True Grip III Grip Cover



• True Grips III are the 1st ever DUAL WIDTH grip cover for large and small hands.
• Every True Grip III comes with it's own True Rinse Cup Blister on every grip cover.
• True Grip III "Barrel Grip" shaped cover fits perfect inside the curve of artists hand.
• The First Ever Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Disposable "True Grip" Covers.
• Dual-Layered memory foam grip absorbs majority of machine vibration.
• Duel Grooves in Barrel Grip shape for added comfort while working.
• True Grips III are the Industry's most comfortable grip cover ever.
• True Grips III gives artists maximum comfort with multiple widths of grip.
• True Grips III are a hybrid of the “Original” True Grips and True Grips II.
• Unique form fitting memory foam grip conforms to artist’s hand.
• The perfect fit to any 1” steel or disposable tattoo tubes.
• Alleviates vibrations that cause carpal tunnel & other hand issues.
• Dual Width memory foam allows artist’s a variety of grip options.
• Increases tattoo artist’s grip width up to 1.75 “. Larger than Original True Grips.
• Works with any stainless steel or disposable 1" tattoo tube grip
• Non-Forced Ergonomics allows hand to naturally conform to grip.
• No Slip Texture, retains grip with soaps, inks & ointments.
• Completely Biodegradable & Disposable Grip Covers.
• Replaces wrapping paper towels to enlarge your grip.
• Trademarked True Tube Logo printed on each grip.
• EO Gas Sterilized, individually and Work Ready.
• Single Service Grip Covers allow for easy setup.
• True Grip III Boxes made from 100% recycled paper.
• Widens Artists hand for added comfort.
• Individually packaged and Sterilized.
• Extremely snug, strong and durable.
• Most Comfortable Grip Cover Ever!
• Relieves hand and finger fatigue.
• Absorbs Vibration and Sound.
• Expands outside tube grip to 1.5"
• 1 Box = 18 True Grip III Covers
• Fits over any 1' tube grip.
• True Grip III Length is 1.75"